UP Your Service!

by Ron Kaufman

UP Your Service! by Ron Kaufman
Ron Kaufman Pte Ltd

Whats going UP?

Quality service, excellent service, world-class, tip-top, red-carpet service. Impeccable, unbelievable, spectacular service.

Everyone is talking about SERVICE. Heres why!

Delighted customers are more loyal, come more often, spend more money and tell their friends about you.

That means more pleasure and more profits for you.

Angry customers leave in a hurry, cancel orders, upset your staff and tell negative stories about you.

The benefits of your service going UP are clear. But how do you make it happen?

This fun-to-read, easy-to-use book shows you clearly what to do, plus how to do it and why: proven strategies and practical action steps to successfully UP Your Service!

Packed with practical examples, high-value learning and hundreds of new ideas to help you:

* Build a mindset and a toolset to bring your service UP!
* Develop a service culture that sizzles and succeeds
* Apply proven techniques to get closer to your customers
* Polish your perception points to create positive impressions
* Leverage customer value dimensions for long-term profits
* Achieve surprising and unbelievable! service standards
* Increase customer loyalty with effective service recovery
* Discover the hidden power in service guarantees
* Enjoy the results and winning reputation you deserve

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