Taking the High Road

by Ram Buxani

Taking the High Road by Ram Buxani
Motivate Publishing

"Ram Buxani's autobiography is multi-faceted achievement that's a pleasure to read. As he narrates the engrossing story of his own life, he's catalogued the history and spirit of many a Sindhi family. The book is also a handsome tribute to Dubai and a philosophical work on business and life that's bound to fire the imagination of the reader." In Dubai there are some figures among the expatriate community who are seen as leaders not only by virtue of their success and standing in society but by their actions and qualities. Ram Buxani is both businessman and friend, public and yet very private. His is a story of reaching Dubai more than 40 years ago and seeing a glorious future unfurl before him. He's been a husband and father, a successful businessman, the quintessential Indian, a pillar of the Sindhi community, an enterprising NRI and a highly vocal and supportive expatriate reveling in the growth and progress of the UAE. Buxani spearheaded the need to give dignity to the Indian community abroad and much of the understanding and co-operation between India and the UAE has seen him play a leading role. He's captured the story of his life right from those early, pioneering days to being a resident of modern Dubai. "Dubai is my home," he says quietly and with a well-earned right. "I have received so much from it. Whatever I give back will be too little. And India is my motherland - I'm doubly blessed." Taking the High Road pays tribute to two places that lie on the outposts of Asia - Dubai and Japan. Buxani has traced the history of the rise of these nations, drawing interesting links with the Sindhi spirit of adventure and enterprise. The book is also a testimonial to Sindhi women, who have played a leading role in the past and have an important new role in the future. Based in Dubai, Buxani has enjoyed considerable success as a businessman and his practical, no-nonsense approach to business will be an inspiration to any aspiring executive.

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